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Know What…..She Eats Chocolate!!!

Sponsored by: Heavens Fitness – 637 11 Avenue SW Calgary Author: Taryn Hajnrych, General manager Photo: Taryn Hajnrych at 2016 David Ford ABBA Southerns We’ve all heard the justifications before. “Healthy is boring,” “I can’t stand the taste of fish,” “this plain food sucks and I can’t keep on track if I have to eat this,” and […]

Lagree Fitness Wants to Help You be Fit in 2017!

Sponsored by: Lagree YYC (2 locations in Calgary – Britannia & Signal Hill) Author: Kimberly Rothenberg Making Your Top New Year’s Resolutions A Permanent Lifestyle Change! It’s December 31st and you’re thinking to yourself, okay……..this is it……..I’m finally going to get fit and healthy……..and I’m going to stick with it! I’m going to start exercising 5-6x […]