Easter Egg Hunt For Dogs 2020


National Service Dogs’ Easter Egg Hunt for Dogs is a family event that includes your fur baby.


Each year, thousands of plastic eggs are filled with dog treats and hidden over a defined area of a local park. Each egg contains a dog treat and a sticker, representing a chance to win one of hundreds of great prizes.

Registrants receive two egg cartons, giving them the opportunity to collect up to 24 eggs.

Participants who collect donations on NSD’s behalf are eligible to collect more eggs based on the dollar value of the donations they received:

  • $50 to 150 raised: one additional egg carton will be provided
  • $151 to 300 raised: two additional egg cartons will be provided
  • $301 to 500 raised: three additional egg cartons will be provided
  • $501 or more raised: four additional egg cartons will be provided


  • Registrants must register and be accompanied by at least one dog
  • Dogs must be kept on leash at all times
  • Stoop & Scoop rules apply; please come prepared with your own bags

Hunt begins at 10 am and goes till 11:30 am

Registration Fee: $30 per Family at door

Website: nsd.on.ca

While we strive for accuracy of this event’s information, we recommend you follow up with the event’s website to confirm information, dates, location and times in case there are changes.

Location: Calaway Park - 245033 Range Road 33, Calgary