Jubilations Dinner Theatre 2022

A tale as old as time… rich people lose all their money and are forced to see how the real world lives.
Okay maybe not as old as time… but… as old as 2015? Jubilations Dinner theatre sets its pop music
parody sights on a new TV classic. We are going up Schipp’s Creek without a paddle! Whether you’re
a fan of the show or just a fan of great music and laughter, it’s sure to be a great time when Jubilations
Dinner Theatre presents… Schipp’s Creek.

Wednesday through Saturday: start time 6:15 pm
Sunday: start time 5 pm

Tickets: start at $69.95 and up

Website: jubilations.ca

While we strive for accuracy of this event’s information, we recommend you follow up with the event’s website to confirm information, dates, location and times in case there are changes.

Location: Jubilations Dinner Theatre - 1002 - 37 Street SW, Calgary