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Orchids For Everyone

Orchids For Everyone

Sponsored by: The Foothills Orchid Society
Author: Marguerite Salsberry

Orchids For Everyone

Venture far beyond the ordinary when you visit the Calgary Orchid Show and Sale the first weekend in June.  The Foothills Orchid Society is presenting their annual Show and Sale at the Triwood Community Center with gorgeous displays of orchids in bloom, national and international orchid vendors, and lots of demonstrations.

If grocery store Phalaenopsis are the only orchids you have ever seen, prepare to be astounded.  There are 30,000 species of orchids and over 100,000 registered hybrids in existence today, ranging from plants weighing more than a ton to plants whose flowers are the size of a pinhead. They are found on every continent except Antarctica, and grow under a wide range of conditions-in the canopy of rainforests, in rocks bordering mountain streams, in temperate bogs, and even one which grows and blooms entirely underground.

Photo courtesy of The Foothills Orchid Society

Orchid Fun Facts:

  1. Everyone’s favorite flavor – vanilla- is the seed pod of the Vanilla planifolia orchid which can grow as a 60 foot vine
  2. Orchids have evolved many strategies for pollination – attraction, deception, fraud, entrapment and mimicry
  3. Many insect pollinated orchids are fragrant, smelling of raspberries,  lemon, coconut, chocolate, or rotting meat
  4. On seeing the 14″ long spur on Angraecum sesquipedale Charles Darwin speculated there must be a moth with a proboscis that long, although it had never been seen.  50 years after his death he was proven correct

The Calgary Orchid Show brings to the city orchid species and hybrids originating from tropical and temperate areas around the world.  This event is aimed at educating beginners on the basics of orchid culture, showcasing the flowers of dedicated growers, and providing Calgarians an opportunity to buy a huge variety of plants and growing accessories and to learn tips and tricks to grow and bloom these tropical beauties in their homes.

Photo courtesy of The Foothills Orchid Society

The Foothills Orchid Society is a non-profit society formed in 1976 and is a member of the Canadian Orchid Congress, an association of about 25 orchid societies across Canada, and the American Orchid Society.   The Society introduces its members to the world of orchid culture in a format that is both informative and social. The FOS holds monthly meetings from September through June.  In addition, membership includes an informative newsletter, access to the society library, the opportunity to purchase plants at reasonable prices from other members, guest speakers or through group orders, access to knowledgeable speakers and the opportunity display their flowers and to discuss orchid culture with other members.  For more information visit www.foothillsorchidsociety.com.

Photo courtesy of The Foothills Orchid Society

Orchids for Everyone -Show and Sale

June 3 , Noon – 5, and June 4, 10 – 4 at Triwood Community Centre,  2244 Chicoutimi Dr. NW

Admission $10 cash – Free Parking

Local, BC, and International (Taiwan and Ecuador) Vendors

Note:  Most of the Vendors can only accept cash payments

$2 off coupon available online: www.calgaryorchidshow.com

Limited number of 2 for 1 Show Tickets available on Groupon while they last!