Write with style!

When you take your simple office pen and upgrade it to a fountain pen it transforms the pen from being a standard office writing tool to a luxurious office accessory. Work colleagues will notice. It will show others in your office that you are serious about your decisions and your position. Combine your fountain pen with your own ink colour and high quality paper in either notebook or journal form and your personal statement is complete.

Don’t stop there! Use a fountain pen and your personal choice of ink when writing ‘Thank You’, or ‘Special Event’ cards. Do you journal? It is said that your writing style is autobiographical. Make your memories more special by writing with a fountain pen and your special ink color in high paper quality journals. When you touch the paper you will be able to feel the paper’s high quality.

Artisans know the importance of using the right tools for creative expression. Whether you doodle, draw, hand letter or are an illustrator our fountain pens, ink colour range and high quality paper will meet your demanding standards.

Come visit our store and give our pens, inks and paper a try! You will be thrilled at the smoothness of the writing experience these stationery items have to offer.

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Address: 3, 603 77 Avenue SE, Calgary

located beside the Calgary Farmers Market