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 Little Free Libraries

Little-Free-Library-LogoTake a look at totallyCalgary’s Pinterest Board of Little Free Libraries that Calgarians have designed and constructed.

If you have a Little Free Library in your yard, send us a picture and we will add it out our Pin Board.

West Springs/Cougar Ridge Community Background

West-Springs-CommunityThe Paskapoo Slopes, an integral part of the West Springs and Cougar Ridge Communities, is a unique area with significant ecological and historical resources. A base line archaeological inventory and assessment was carried out in May and June 1997 of Precontact Native Archaeological Sites in the East Paskapoo Slopes and adjacent areas.

In total, there are now 49 significant sites identified, including a number of campsites, kill sites, sweat pits and others. Bison were not only driven into corrals along the uppermost slopes below the escarpment; they were also driven and trapped at lower levels along the slopes. The result is a series of kill/processing camps extending down the slopes. Similar complexities in moving herds to specific sites have been documented at Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jumpwest of Ft. Macleod.

The pattern is similar in kind and intensity to that found associated with large bison kills/processing camps along the Porcupine Hills. The main differences observed at the Paskapoo Slopes is primarily that the bison driving and processing is spread out laterally and vertically along the slopes and, although intensive, it is spread over 2 km of slope. Stacked together, the layers of artifacts would no doubt represent the intensity found in the deep bone beds and campsites deposits at jumps and camps such as that of Old Woman’s Buffalo Jump.

During the fall of 2000, an extensive archaeological study was performed on the significant sites located along the storm and sanitary utility corridor for the Cougar Ridge Community. This trunk now runs down the Paskapoo Slopes. Before it was installed, these digs were completed.

West Springs/Cougar Ridge Community Association

West-Springs-LogoThe West Springs Cougar Ridge Community Association serves an ever increasing population, representing one of the fastest growing communities in Canada with a rich mix of cultural diversity, abundant natural parks and green space, recreation facilities, and shopping and services of all kinds at our Community Core.

The Association is a not-for-profit body that has proudly served the residents of our community for the past 10 years and is run by a group of dedicated volunteers. The scope of our work revolves around many issues in our community including development, transportation, parks and green space planning, plus recreational and educational programs for all ages. Our organization serves as a conduit to City Hall as the voice for our residents.

West Springs Cougar Ridge Community Association

Address: Suite 138, Unit 406, 917 – 85th Street SW Calgary, AB, T3H 5Z9
Phone: (403) 770-8585
Email: president@wscr.ca
Website: wscr.ca

West Springs Farm Home Owners Association

The West Springs Farm Home Owners Association (WSFHOA) was established in 1999 by an agreement between the City of Calgary and Landstar Development Corporation, the developer of West Springs Farm, to enable a higher level of landscaping and landscaping maintenance for the common areas of West Springs Farm than the City standard. This creation of a Home Owners Association or Residents Association to maintain enhanced facilities has become a common practice in Calgary that started with the Lake Bonavista development in the 1960’s and has since extended to all new developments.

Email: wsfhoa@westspringsfarm.com
Voicemail: (403) 668-1153 (expect a response in 1-2 days)
Mailing Address:
West Springs Farm Home Owners Association
PO Box 96062 RPO West Springs
4000, 873 85 Street SW
Calgary, AB T3H 0L3




  • West Springs Elementary School – K – Gr 6 –  8999 Wentworth Ave SW, Calgary, AB T3H 0P7
  • Rosscarrock School – Grades K-6 – 1406 – 40 Street S.W. Calgary, AB T3C 1W7
  • Vincent Massey Junior High School –  939 45 St SW, Calgary, AB T3C 2B9
  • Ernest Manning High School – 20 Springborough Blvd SW, Calgary, AB T3H 0N7
  • St. Joan of Arc Catholic School – K – Gr 9 – 7970 Wentworth Drive SW T3H 0K2
  • St Mary’s High School – 111 – 18 Avenue SW Calgary AB T2S 0B8
  • Bishop Carroll High School – 4624 Richard Road SW Calgary AB T3E 6L1
  • Calgary French and International School – Preschool to Grade 12 – 700 77th Street SW T3H 5R1
  • Calgary Waldorf School – K – Gr 9 – 515 Cougar Ridge Dr SW T3H 5G9

Recreational Amenities

Sports/Play Fields
Community Sports
Fitness Programs

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Winsport at Canada Olympic Park


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RKR Stationery

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Studopia, The Only Tutor You Need

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